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On the southwest coast of Crete lies one of the most magical beaches. Elafonisi is one of the exotic beaches in Crete, located about 80 km from Chania, is characterized by dunes of white and pink sand, clear blue and clear shallow waters, the peace and tranquility offered. The landscape reminds of exotic beaches and shallow waters often continue for several meters into the sea. The landscape of Elafonissi leaves you speachless, as it is rare to meet in Greece beach with its own characteristics. To reach Elafonissi, you can take the intercity bus or travel by car. Undoubtedly, your visit to the beautiful beach Elafonisi will be unforgettable!


The exotic beach of Falassarna is located 59km west of Chania and 17km west of Kissamos. It’s located in the western part of Cape Gramvousa. Falassarna bay is one of the most famous beaches in Greece, which has been awarded as the best beach of Crete and one of the 10 best beaches in Europe in the past. Falasarna spans a huge area and consists actually of five consecutive beaches, with the two most central being the most favorite.The sand in Falassarna is white, making the water color tropical. Indeed, if you’re lucky and be here on a day that is not blowing from the west, rare in west Crete, you will be enchanted by the beach and its turquoise waters.

Old Harbour Of Chania

The old Harbour of Chania is proud to be the town’s jewel, as it is going to fascinate you, anytime of the day you visit. Τhe old harbour, full of cafeterias, bars, traditional restaurants and tavernas, bursts from life especially during the summer season. Here you can enjoy the spectacular view of the lighthouse, and the traditional buildings with the obvious influence of Venetian, Turskish and Egyptian architecture. Relax as you wander across the traditional alleys and feel the warm and cosy environment the town has to offer…


Paleochora is a coastal town located on the southwest coast of Crete, 70km. from Chania and 200km. from Heraklion. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays. Washed by the Libyan Sea and justly considered the “Bride of the Libyan” and “Land of the Sun”.


Balos beach – lagoon is located on the northwestern corner of Crete, 53 Km from the city of Chania and 15 Km from the town of Kissamos.

Balos is an exotic beach-lagoon formed between the peninsula of Gramvousa and cape Tigani, while further to the north lie two islands, Imeri Gramvousa and Agria Gramvousa.

Balos beach & lagoon as well as the island of Imeri Gramvousa can be reached by cruise ship that departs from the port of Kissamos. Also you have the ability to come here by yourself, driving up to a point and then continuing on foot.


The seaside village of Loutro is located at a distance of approximately 71 km south of Chania in Sfakia province on the end of Cape Mouri. It is believed that it was the side of the ancient city of Phoenix and also was the port of ancient Anopolis, later became the winter port city of Sfakia, due to the fact that the surrounding bay and the small island at the entrance to create a natural harbor where ships can be safe even in very bad weather.
The village was named after the baths found there, the water of which came from Anopoli. Among the old buildings can be seen here, it may also see the Government House that was used in 1821 (during the revolution).
From the bath you can visit the ruins of ancient Aradenas the Byzantine church of the Archangel Michael, and Anopoli.


The small village of Sougia in the south-west of Crete has managed to remain unaffected by the growth of tourism in Crete. It is still a peaceful haven, with a long beach, plenty of good accommodation and excellent places to eat, all at prices below those found in most of the island.

From early April to late October Sougia attracts visitors looking for a relaxing holiday away from mass-tourism. Whilst you can chose to do very little apart from lazing on the beach or enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of a few beach front cafés there are also a number of beautiful walks you can do in the region.

The village has appealed to visitors from northern Europe since the early 1970s and many of the people that you will meet in Sougia have been visiting quite a few times.


The area of Sfakia, which is considered to be one of the most traditional Cretan areas, is located on the South of the perfecture of Chania on a mountainous landscape, around 71 kilometers away from the city of Chania. Sfakia is surrounded by the Lybian Sea, and its small beach along with the traditional taverns beside it make the place incredibly picturesque. It will take you approximately 1,5 hours to reach Sfakia, and you will go through smooth, as well as rough roads to make it to your destination, always offering breathtaking view. Visit our website,, and choose the most suitable car for you to enjoy this amazing landscape.


Almirida is a seaside resort located 22 kilometers East of the town of Chania. If you are looking for a beautiful and quiet resort, not too far from Chania, clear waters, little traditional taverns on the seaside and accomondation with beautiful ocean view, then you have every reason to visit Almirida beach. Choose a car from our fleet and enjoy a ride to this wonderful beach. Visit and book now!

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